Ginnie Issuance Passes Freddie; TILA Dollar Amounts; Bank Supervision Economics Study

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Everyone is talking about the future of the European Union. Tad Dahlke sends, “Brexit to be followed by Grexit, Departugal, Italeave, Fruckoff, Czechout, Oustria, Finish, Slovlong, Latervia, Byegium.” And while we’re on it, Brian B. reminded me of a quote from Margaret Thatcher: “The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” And from Nevada comes, “The EU cannot function without Britain. Britain, however, can function without the EU.” The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau has plenty of things on its plate, and last week it announced its annual adjustments to the dollar amounts of various thresholds under the Truth in Lending Act regulations that will apply to certain consumer credit transactions in 2017. The adjustments are…(read more)

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