Health Benefits In 2017: Stable Coverage, Workers Faced Considerable Variation In Costs [Web First]

The annual Kaiser Family Foundation/Health Research and Educational Trust Employer Health Benefits Survey found that in 2017, average annual premiums (employer and worker contributions combined) rose 4 percent for single coverage, to $6,690, and 3 percent for family coverage, to $18,764. Covered workers contributed 18 percent of the premium for single coverage and 31 percent for family coverage, on average, although there was considerable variation around these averages. For covered workers in small firms, 10 percent did not make a premium contribution for family coverage, while 36 percent made a contribution of more than half of their premium. The average worker contribution for family coverage has increased from $4,316 in 2012 to $5,714 in 2017. The share of firms that offered health benefits (53 percent) and of workers in those firms covered by their employers’ plans (62 percent) remain statistically unchanged from 2016.

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