More Homeowners Saying "Good Time to Sell"

Posted To: MND NewsWire

Consumer sentiment regarding whether it is a good time to buy or to sell a home continues to diverge as rising home prices impact both. Fannie Mae said net positive responses in its August National Housing Survey (NHS).to whether it is a good time to sell rose 8 points while the good time to buy sentiment declined by 5, adding to its 7 point drop in July. At 18 percent, the latter response set its second new low in as many months, and is down 16 percentage points from August 2016. The good time to sell response hit its second consecutive all-time high at 36 percent and widen the gap between the two sentiments even further. The net good time to sell responses are now 21 points higher than last year, “In the early stages of the economic expansion, home selling sentiment trailed home buying sentiment…(read more)

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