New DU Date Set; 48 Hours to Brexit Vote – Traders Prepare; 1003 News

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Today I am in Kansas City, where it is “only” 96 degrees. Phoenix hit 119 degrees this week. Let’s ask the folks over there what they think about housing made out of metal shipping containers . Seriously, in heat like that we have to use our noggins – otherwise tragic things can happen, like a gal dying after biking in the sky-high temperatures. There is renewed interest in the future of Fannie & Freddie lately. Partly due to this being an election year where big, long-term problems get their every 4-year moment in the sun and partly because some shareholders continue to push for their rights (or perceived rights) demanding a determination on the value of their shares. Bloomberg reported the likely Clinton Plan, likely because two of her closest campaign advisors were…(read more)

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