Wells and Freddie Team Up; Bank and CU News; What is Chase doing?

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For me this week included time in Salt Lake City, Columbus, Milwaukee, San Francisco, and Raleigh. (The mood is good as individuals continue to share best practices in an effort to lend to consumers in a compliant and cost-effective way – and that isn’t easy.) In some parts of the nation all cash buyers rule, whereas in others finding enough of a down payment can be a hurdle. San Francisco has committed to build teacher housing build teacher housing after a press release said that an SF teacher making $65k is unable to afford shelter. M&A, Credit Union, and Bank News Here’s something that a non-depository lender can’t do. Chase is offering 100,000 credit card reward points for new mortgage customers . And customers under age 35 made up 36% of Chase’s mortgage originations in…(read more)

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